kitchen upside down…

feel relieved after i’ve found my new direction in life.

put aside the stress.

try to find some new inspirations in life.

and now i’m trying to make it my new hobby.

to cook and bake…

IMG_3403(Perfect scrambled-eggs big breakfast)

IMG_3439(Chocolate-almond upside-down cake)

IMG_3647(Bite-sized chocolate chips cookies)

IMG_3738(Stuffed portobello mushrooms pizetta)

IMG_4127(Fondant au chocolat)

IMG_4231(Strawberry compote)

IMG_4249(No baked cheesecake with oreo crust topped with strawberry compote)

IMG_5322(Chocolate fudge cake)

IMG_5455(Orange soufflé)

IMG_5708(The real mushroom soup)

after turning my mom’s kitchen upside-down for few times,

i think i found a new way to de-stress.

never felt so satisfied before.

everyone compliments my efforts for trying…

and i love their happy face while enjoying my cake.

the kitchen will be my new hangout place. i guess? 


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