can you hear me?

i wonder…
if you saw me walked by,
can you hear me?
can you feel me?
do you miss me?
do you love me?


waiting for you is always the hardest part.

please don’t ignore me.



the first new year away from my family in malaysia and my dear friends.

the first time in another country.

everyone said i should go out and party since i’m in singapore,

if i’m gonna party or celebrate anything,

it has to be with my dear family or my close friends,

but they are not here with me.

i choose to stay at home again.

yeah again in my own room.


feeling blessed…

although i’m alone in my room,

the internet keeps me connected with my friends..

messages, audio messages, calls and photos from my thoughtful friends…

all the way from hongkong, taiwan, new zealand and malaysia…

my tears flow down endlessly.

i can’t help it.

during this emotional period, they gave me lots of mental support…

true friends indeed…despite the distances.

but to my true love, where are you when i need your hug?