when you come to a crossroad,
you wish you could cross over from any sides,
but wait, where are you heading to?

do you really wanna cross over?
will you regret later?


just like our life,
we think we want something,
but do you really want it?
do you really need it?

sometimes there’s a red light,
telling you to wait with patience.

sometimes there’s a green light,
telling you to go for it.

sometimes you stood there,
wonder if you should cross.

you want it,
but you don’t need to have it.

you need it,
but you don’t want to have it.

after a while you are too tired to think,
maybe we shall leave it for now.

maybe someday we will come to the same crossroad again,
on a bright sunny day,
giving us a clear view of what’s ahead.

even if we missed it,
we made a decision,
to give up or go for it.

now is just a road not taken.

so what if you stumbled upon the same crossroad again?


get lost…

another trip needed,
to run away from the current reality,
to put aside all these disappointment.

i guess the art of enjoying a lonely life,
is to be really lonely and make the best out of it.

i’m afraid of new places,
that’s why i love to study the map,
because i hate getting lost,
but i love the surprises i’ll stumbled upon.


i always wanted to go on a trip alone,
but somehow i will end up meeting a friend somewhere to accompany me,
i wish i could enjoy traveling alone,
but i wish even more if i could do that with that special someone.

do you enjoy traveling like i do too?