the end; a new beginning…

so finally after 7 months going through all the planning to make this grand exit…



but august almost come to an end,

and i haven’t get ready all the necessary stuff to start my new life in lion city.

too busy doing nothing,

attended endless farewell eat-all-you-can-meal,

but i’m glad i made a short trip down south to lion city…

I GOT A JOB OFFER! (yay to income flowing in!)

i hadn’t really enjoy much of my jobless life yet though.

hmmm wish me luck for this new beginning.

i’m not bragging, but i’d prefer being jobless, a loner.  


kitchen upside down…

feel relieved after i’ve found my new direction in life.

put aside the stress.

try to find some new inspirations in life.

and now i’m trying to make it my new hobby.

to cook and bake…

IMG_3403(Perfect scrambled-eggs big breakfast)

IMG_3439(Chocolate-almond upside-down cake)

IMG_3647(Bite-sized chocolate chips cookies)

IMG_3738(Stuffed portobello mushrooms pizetta)

IMG_4127(Fondant au chocolat)

IMG_4231(Strawberry compote)

IMG_4249(No baked cheesecake with oreo crust topped with strawberry compote)

IMG_5322(Chocolate fudge cake)

IMG_5455(Orange soufflé)

IMG_5708(The real mushroom soup)

after turning my mom’s kitchen upside-down for few times,

i think i found a new way to de-stress.

never felt so satisfied before.

everyone compliments my efforts for trying…

and i love their happy face while enjoying my cake.

the kitchen will be my new hangout place. i guess? 

merry merry christmas…


first, all i know was santa claus always fall down from the chimney…

but i don’t have a chimney at home…


then, people starts talking about what christmas is all about…

but i don’t really care about christmas…

i just love celebrating something…


christmas is like one of the most beautiful occasion/celebration of the year…

beautiful decorations, the colours of christmas, the white snow…


words can’t describe how much i feel about christmas…

the beauty of christmas makes my heart go ho-ho-ho!

on stage…

so i went to singapore for 2NE1’s concert.

IMG_33042NE1 New Evolution Global Tour 2012 in Singapore

IMG_32982NE1 Blackjacks!


CL the baddest female.




that’s Dara, CL, Bom & Minzy!

it was a spontaneous trip,

decided to go at the last minute.

no regrets.

glad that i went there.

i love watching the stars on stage.

the way they shine brightly.

the way they enjoy the moment of performing on stage.

i found my inspirations.

i wanna go on stage, my own stage.


so i started this short journey alone…


it was hard…to leave everything behind.


couldn’t even enjoy the show.


but i found my solace. my comfort in times of disappointment.


it rained on the day when i need to go back to my misery reality.

and i ended this short journey.

after learning how to fake a smile,

telling myself it will be alright. 🙂